Womens Heath Kamloops

Womens Heath Kamloops

Natural health care is important to many people. Naturopathic care is designed to help prevent and treat illnesses and diseases with natural medicines and treatments. Natural and homeopathic care is gentle and has fewer side effects than harsh prescription medications and other medical care. Dr. Tracy Levins provides naturopathic care specifically for women’s health in Kamloops. She is passionate about providing women with the various kinds of homeopathic care that are essential to ongoing good health.

Care of Women’s Health in Kamloops

There are a number of different issues that affect women’s health. Many of these can be treated with natural methods. Some of the most important problems that are addressed with naturopathic women’s health care in Kamloops include:

    Menstrual irregularities Menopause Hormonal imbalance Endometriosis Sleep disorders Thyroid problems Uterine Fibroids Pregnancy Uterine cysts and fibroids Vagninitis Post-partum depression Pituitary issues Adrenal problems

These and other concerns can be treated using a variety of natural methods for women’s health in Kamloops.

Developing a Treatment Plan

A naturopathic treatment plan begins with an evaluation and examination. This initial consultation lasts about an hour and provides a full assessment of women’s health in Kamloops. The assessment will help determine the cause of any problems that you are experiencing and will begin the development of both short and long-term goals. A treatment strategy will be determined that is customized to your specific needs.

In some cases, blood work will be necessary to establish a more detailed plan. Naturopathic methods are often preferable to other types of care. They use holistic methods which treat the entire body and mind. Lifestyle changes may be helpful to create a more lasting resolution. Dr. Tracy Levins educates women on the various treatments and how they can be effective. Then, together you will develop a treatment plan that will address all of your health concerns.

Naturopathic Treatments for Women

Treatments for women’s health issues vary based on the specific problem. Some of the most common treatments include bio-identical hormone therapy, botanical or herbal medicines, intravenous infusions and clinical nutrition. These therapies are helpful for resolving many women’s problems. Sometimes several or more treatments are combined to create truly exceptional results.

For example, if a hormonal imbalance is noted the doctor will provide bio-identical hormone therapy. This type of treatment utilizes hormone replacement that is much safer and easier on the body than other types. This treatment may be combined with supplements taken orally or through injection or infusion. Finally, the treatment plan may also include some important nutritional changes to improve the way the body processes hormones. Together, the treatment may bring lasting relief.

There are treatment plans such as this that are available for all types of women’s health issues. The first step is a consultation with Dr. Tracy Levins. Once complete, you will be able to begin your treatment plan that is unique to your situation. Visit the website to learn more about naturopathic treatments or contact Dr. Tracy Levins today to schedule an appointment.


Womens Heath Kamloops
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