Naturopath Clinic Kamloops

Naturopath Clinic Kamloops

The care and treatment of women’s health issues is paramount. Some women prefer to use natural ways to prevent and treat illnesses. This can be accomplished with a visit to a naturopathic clinic in Kamloops. Dr. T. Levins provides naturopathic care specifically for women. There are a number of women’s issues that can be resolved with a natural or holistic approach.

Naturopathic Clinic in Kamloops

A naturopath provides natural care treatments using a holistic approach. Our naturopathic clinic in Kamloops offers treatment for a variety of conditions. Some of these include irregular menstruation or pain, premenstrual syndrome, hormonal mood variances, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, vaginitis, pituitary or adrenal conditions, thyroid problems, pregnancy and post partum depression among others.

The first visit to the naturopathic clinic in Kamloops includes a consultation and health assessment. This will help to discover what is causing your symptoms. Sometimes blood tests or other lab work is needed to make a thorough diagnosis. Once the root cause of the problem has been determined a treatment plan can be prescribed. Dr. Tracy Levins combines scientific knowledge with natural healing methods to treat and prevent diseases.

Natural Treatments

The doctor analyzes the results of any testing to determine the best course of treatment. A treatment plan may include such things as bio-identical hormone therapy, botanical medicines, intravenous infusions, intramuscular injections and clinical nutrition. Bio-identical hormone therapy may be used for replacement therapy. This is a much gentler and more natural way to treat hormone imbalances such as those might that occur during menopause.

Botanicals are herbs and other plants that have been used for centuries in the natural treatment and prevention of illness. They typically have no side effects and may help the body respond to the illness in a natural way. Infusions and injections may provide more immediate results.

There is a strong relationship between diet and health. Clinical nutrition examines how your particular dietary intake may be affecting your health. A dietary change may be recommended to improve overall health and well-being. Lifestyle changes may also be helpful. Additionally, nutraceutical supplements are often utilized as part of a natural lifestyle regime. These might include such things as vitamin, mineral or enzyme supplements.

Holistic Care and Treatment

Holistic care treats the whole person in order to facilitate healing and promote health. To this end, Dr. T. Levins takes everything into consideration when recommending a treatment plan. She promotes healthy lifestyles that make lasting changes and improvements to health. By changing poor habits and improving diet you may be able to prevent a variety of illnesses. A healthy lifestyle also reduces the severity of some illnesses or the effects of some diseases.

Dr. Tracy Levins is a naturopathic medicine doctor with a focus on women’s health issues. She provides treatment for a variety of issues including fertility and gynecology. She has certifications in intravenous therapies and in a number of needling techniques as well as in low dose allergen therapy. She is licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical medications. Visit our website to learn more about our natural treatments or call us today to schedule an appointment.

Naturopath Clinic Kamloops
Dr. Tracy Levins
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