Kamloops Naturopath

Kamloops Naturopath

Many women’s health issues can be successfully prevented and treated with the use of naturopathic means. Kamloops naturopath includes the use of holistic and natural methods to treat women’s health concerns. Dr. Levins provides wellness treatments and clinical therapy for a number of women’s health problems such as menopause, pregnancy, fertility, thyroid and associated conditions.

Women’s Health Concerns

There are a number of women’s health issues that can be addressed using Kamloops naturopath. Women may experience problems with menstruation and fertility such as endometriosis, fibroids, irregular periods, heavy periods and premenstrual syndrome. Other problems may concern middle-aged women such as hormone imbalance, thyroid disorders, sleep problems and problems with menopause.

Many of these issues can be successfully treated using natural methods. Sometimes natural methods can be utilized in conjunction with other traditional treatments for a more successful resolution. Other times, naturopathic treatments work alone, allowing patients to have better results without side effects.

Women’s Health Program

The women’s health program usually begins with a thorough health assessment to determine your issues and their underlying causes. Then, we discuss various treatment options and long-term goals towards resolution. Treatments may include a variety of Kamloops naturopath methods including bio-identical hormone therapy, botanical medicine, intravenous infusion and clinical nutrition. Dr. Levins will review all the details of your care with you to determine the best course of treatment.

Whether you have been suffering from an illness, have had fatigue and low energy, have been having trouble conceiving or have difficult menstrual problems, Kamloops naturopath solutions are available to assist you. A natural course of action can be taken that may be of great help. Natural treatments utilize herbals and non-prescription medicines to gently and safely promote the body’s health and well-being.

Kamloops Naturopath Treatments

The doctor will review your complete medical history and evaluation to assess the best treatments for your situation. If a hormonal imbalance is noted the treatment may include bio-identical hormone therapy. This therapy replaces lowered hormone levels in a natural and gentler way than other medications. Botanicals are amazingly helpful to treat a number of different women’s health issues. Plants are a natural source of treatment and have been used for thousands of years to treat the human body. Intravenous infusions or intramuscular injections are available to provide faster results.

The utilization of clinical nutrition reviews the entire body and the relationship between food and wellness. In some cases, a special diet may be possible to help the body more readily handle illnesses and diseases. Nutraceutical supplements including vitamins, minerals and enzymes may be recommended to boost the body’s immune and support systems, enabling it to more effectively fight disease and illness. A properly balanced diet will benefit your overall health and can positively impact your general daily energy and emotions.

Dr. Tracy Levins is a licensed doctor trained in naturopathic medicine. She is certified in acupuncture, neural therapy, prolotherapy, neuropathic pain therapy, intravenous therapies and chelation therapy. She is licensed to prescribe pharmaceuticals including bio-identical hormone therapy. She is available by appointment. Visit the website or all today to schedule a consultation.

Kamloops Naturopath
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