Fertility Kamloops

Fertility Kamloops

Fertility issues are among the most sensitive and personal types of problems that couples may face. If you are suffering with fertility there may be some naturopathic options available to you. Naturopathy utilizes a holistic approach and focuses on natural treatments to improve the chances for pregnancy. Dr. Tracy Levins provides a naturopathic approach to fertility in Kamloops. Natural and holistic care is preferable to prescription medications and other treatments that can be harsh and may have side effects.

How do Natural Fertility Treatments Work?

Natural treatments help in a variety of ways. They may improve egg quality and boost implantation rates, increase blood flow and reduce inflammation to the reproductive organs and optimize thyroid, pancreatic, adrenal and sex hormones. These treatments for fertility in Kamloops address adrenal stress which may be causing some dysfunction.

A natural fertility treatment plan will address all of the particular issues in your situation that could be contributing to conception problems. Natural methods may include such things as nutritional and dietary changes, the use of natural and herbal medications, boosting the system with injections or IV treatments and reducing stress. Homeopathic methods are employed to treat the whole body.

Types of Fertility Conditions

There are a variety of fertility conditions that may be helped with the use of natural treatments. Some of these include endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), egg quality problems, early menopause, ovulation disorders, thyroid issues, recurrent miscarriage, implantation problems, autoimmune infertility, thin uterine lining, hormonal imbalance, stress and more.

These conditions can keep you from becoming pregnant or may contribute to miscarriage. The first step towards treatment is to determine the cause of the fertility condition. It is necessary to monitor your fertility cycle. During the first visit the doctor will discuss your situation and explain how to properly monitor your cycle. The doctor will advise you about the best time to have intercourse in order to improve the chances of conception.

Safe and Effective Improvement of Fertility in Kamloops

Natural ways to improve fertility in Kamloops are safe and effective. They are often used by couples who have already tried other options, including IVF. You can eliminate the expense of this option by first choosing to treat the situation using natural methods. In many cases, these natural options will help couples conceive provided the woman is still producing eggs.

Dr. Tracy Levins is a naturopathic medicine doctor in Kamloops specializing in women’s health including fertility. Through her Women’s Wellness Clinics she offers PAP and breast exams along with other gynecological care. She has certifications in needling techniques and intravenous therapies and has a license to prescribe pharmaceutical medications and hormone therapy. She is a strong advocate for educating women in the community on health care issues.

Hormone therapy can be extremely successful in the treatment of fertility problems. Couples are encouraged to consult with Dr. Levins in order to learn more about a treatment plan. Visit our website to find out about naturopathic care or call today to schedule an appointment.

Fertility Kamloops
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